Since I was a kid I was fascinated with photography. I got myself into trouble a few times when I was caught sneaking to take my father's camera ☺️.
I love taking photos of anything related to nature but my greatest passion is underwater photography especially macro. Through my underwater photos, I wish to bring awareness and inspire others to act responsibly towards our oceans and their magical creatures.
I was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1977. A big part of my childhood was spent swimming in a pool or in the sea while on vacation with my parents.
I learned diving in 2009; today I am a Divemaster and I am preparing for my Instructor course. I started to take photos underwater with point and shoot cameras in 2013, since then I have upgraded my camera setup a couple of times until I started using DSLRs in 2017. Today, I shoot underwater using Nikon D5300 in a Nimar Housing and for other genres of photography I am using a Nikon D810.